While dealing with an ex boyfriend

Season 3 had “You Make the Rain Fall” by Kevin Rudolf. Also used was “Get Thru This” by Art of Dying, which was previously the Survivor Series 2009 theme. It was used in the first five seasons, but was rarely used during the third season. Are we so calloused that other peoples misfortune means nothing to us? What about the Golden Rule? Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Is that so hard?? Or lets remember, “There but for the Grace of God goes I.” I think there is a world of hurt out there. Let us not compound that hurt by being cruel or mean..

Well, shit. Know what I’m saying?An easy way to introduce tension in the day to day life of a fictional character is to have them work with someone they were previously in a relationship with. While dealing with an ex boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse can often be awkward enough as it is, such encounters are normally uncommon and short lived.

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